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With all the technologies now available, the telephone remains the most critical piece of equipment for most businesses. Simply put, if you’re not connected—for any period of time—you’re not in business.

two vehiclesAdamsComm, Inc. offers a variety of telecom products and solutions from top manufactures and providers to keep you connected. We’re a full-service communications solutions provider specializing in cloud, VOIP and traditional telephone systems, infrastructure design and installation as well as carrier services for voice and data needs. Mostly, we deliver peace of mind.

If you’re looking to run a more efficient telecommunications systems or simply would like to see if you can save some money on your phone bill without compromising quality, give us a call to arrange a complimentary consultation.


Saved money and inproved efficiency

“When we moved into our new building, AdamsComm, Inc. installed the new phone system. Many telecom companies would have installed 55 phones for 55 staff members and called it a day. AdamsComm took the time to listen and get to know our business and recommended we didn’t need to install landline telephones for field staff who are rarely in the office. Instead, AdamsComm installed an app that forwarded calls to field staff extensions to their mobile phones. This not only saved money on the number of phones we installed, but improved the efficiency of our communications.”

Chad Leavell, Director of IT, Community Systems, Inc.

They will make it happen

“As part of our renovation, AdamsComm installed a new VOIP system and rewired the entire network—voice and data. When you’re working with AdamsComm, you’re working with people who know their business, who up-to-date technology-wise and incredibly responsive. Give them a time frame and they will make sure it happens.”

--Doris Christiani, controller, Lawrence Lynch, Corporation

Transition to the new system was seamless

“The reason we chose AdamsComm, Inc. to install the system at our new office had nothing to do with telephones. They took the time to get to know us and understand our business. They didn’t try to sell us a Cadillac when we were looking for an efficient, mid-size sedan. And the transition to the new system was seamless.”

Chad Leavell, Director of IT, Community Systems, Inc.

We could reduce the number of phones

“We had spoken to a few larger telecom companies about our install but came away from those meetings feeling a little less than warm and fuzzy. John Adams really got to know us and our business. In fact, our Executive Director told me, ‘we’re going with AdamsComm, Inc, even if they are more expensive.’ The fact that we could reduce the number of phones based on an app AdamsComm installed made this decision a slam-dunk.

Chad Leavell, Director of IT, Community Systems, Inc.

They blew us away with their level of service

“Our company has added two new offices over the past three years and our small phone system was not powerful enough to support our growing business. AdamsComm, Inc. provided a top notch product for a solution. But where they blew us away was with their level of service. AdamsComm, Inc. supported us through every phase of the project.”

- Mike Duffy, program director, TNT Energy

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